Auto translation...with our BOT!

About this BOT

This BOT automatically translates messages in Discord chat. By using this BOT, users can communicate smoothly with those who speak foreign languages.

How to Use

Introduce the BOT to the Discord server. If you haven't introduced the BOT yet, please do so from the button below. Please grant administrator permissions when introducing.
Create a text channel for automatic translation. Please create a text channel according to the following rule:
[Text Channel Name]_[Language Symbol]
For example, if you want to perform automatic translation between English and Japanese, messages posted in "text_channel_en" will be automatically translated into Japanese and posted in "text_channel_ja".
# text_channel_en
# text_channel_ja


Small 5$

150,000 Charactors

✓ 150,000 characters of automatic translation

Midium 10$

300,000 Charactors

✓ 300,000 characters of automatic translation

Large 20$

600,000 Charactors

✓ 600,000 characters of automatic translation


How is the billing system?
Users' credits are consumed according to the number of characters automatically translated. Credits can be purchased from the following:
Whose credits are consumed?
The credits of the user who introduced the BOT to the server will be consumed.
Supported Languages
It supports the languages listed in the "Supported Languages List" below. We plan to add more languages as needed.


対応言語 言語シンボル
Chinese cn
English en
Spanish es
French fr
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Russian ru
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